by Denisse Romero

For most students, spring break means sun, beach, fun and non-stop partying. For others, spring break is a time to travel and discover new parts of the world. There is no reason why these two objectives cannot be combined. You can have fun with your friends while discovering different parts of the world, different cultures and a different perspective on things. Take a look at the top ten spring destinations for 2013.

10. Paris and London

ParisI’ve combined these two cities because they both can be explored in a short amount of time. Paris and London are connected through the Eurotunnel and can also be reached by train. Both cities are so full of life and offer an infinite amount of activities – sightseeing, shopping, culture and entertainment. The only downside is that you won’t be able to spot any sunny, sandy beaches around here…at least not during the spring months.


9. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Punta Cana BeachPunta Cana is an all-inclusive paradise. Most resorts in this area offer all-inclusive amenities meaning that you will be able to sleep, eat and party all without leaving the comfort of your resort. The beaches are beautiful, the entertainment is superb with some of the best Latin music originating from this country.



8. Negril, Jamaica

Negril Jamaica A seven mile stretch of white powder sand and crystal clear turquoise water is Negril’s best attraction. Here you can swim, dive or just relax with your friends. This is one of the top Spring Break destinations offering beach parties and Reggae concerts at affordable prices.


7. Acapulco, Mexico

Acapulco by Benjamin EarwickerWhether you are looking for an amazing time at the beach, a relaxing moment by the pool, or a romantic Mexico cruise, Acapulco is known as one of the top tourist destinations in the world. It offers beautiful beaches, top-notch entertainment and some of the best hotel facilities. Located on the Pacific side, Acapulco offers a variety of activities including water sports, cliff diving, world-class cuisine, international music and lots of fun at the beach, but it’s also more affordable than its counterpart in the Caribbean Sea – Cancun.


6. South Padre Island, Texas

South  Padre IslandLocated almost at the border between Mexico and Texas, this island has been named one of the top 30 beaches in the world. South Padre Island offers a variety of activities for Spring Breakers from concerts to parties to aquatic sports and wildlife watching. It’s also important to note that it’s one of the most affordable Spring Break destinations.



5. Daytona Beach, Florida

Daytona BeachDaytona is a classic spring break destination. Located on the Atlantic coast of Florida, Daytona is about 45 minutes away from all the Orlando attractions. This is probably one of the only beaches in Florida where cars and bikes are permitted. Activities and entertainment  abound in Daytona Beach – you will always find something to see and do within your budget.


4. South Beach, Miami, Florida

South Beach MiamiWorld-class hotels, international restaurants and top-notch entertainment make this city one of the hottest destinations in the world – Spring Break or not. South Beach offers all kinds of activities from big events such as celebrity-hosted parties to something as simple as sun bathing at the beach. The international crowd adds to the fantastic atmosphere that flows through this city all year long.


3. Ibiza, Spain

IbizaLocated in the Mediterranean Sea, Ibiza is known for being the center for electronic music along with its spectacular nightlife. Ibiza offers beautiful beaches, museums, shopping and of course, world-class concerts with the best DJs in the world. Ibiza may not be the most affordable destination for college students, but it’s an experience that will last you a lifetime.


2. Panama City Beach, Florida

Panama City BeachThis is another classic Spring Break destination. With white sands and emerald waters, Panama City Beach caters to Spring Breakers like no other destination. You can relax on the beach or attend one of the many events hosted exclusively for Spring Breakers. Panama City Beach offers all kinds of activities from aquatic sports to museums and aquariums.


1. Cancun, Mexico

CancunCancun is undoubtedly the number one Spring Break destination. It’s got all you could ever want from your spring break vacation – gorgeous beaches, incredible nightlife, beautiful hotels, world-class restaurants, excellent service, music, concerts, aquatic sports, and cultural expeditions to the Mayan ruins and Mexican jungle…and all of this at an affordable price. What else can you ask for? Seriously, Cancun is a city like no other…so go ahead and pack your bags!

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