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Top 5 Places in Italy for International Students

Studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and whether you’re a student looking to study abroad at an Italian university, or a student interested in...

Top American Universities in Europe

Study in Europe and obtain an American degree. Here is a list of universities that follow the American higher education system. Most of these universities offer academic degrees and are accredited by US commissions and local country authorities.

PhD Programs without GRE or GMAT Test Scores

Do you want to pursue a doctorate program but cannot take standardized test scores such as the GRE or the GMAT? Perhaps you took...

European Universities Offering Free Tuition

Studying in Europe can be a dream come true, and the fact that some of the best universities in Europe offer free tuition or...

How to Study in France and Apply to French Universities

France is recognized for its quality education in the arts and sciences. Who hasn’t heard of the Sorbonne and its history? Who hasn’t discussed...

Top 10 Online MBA Programs for Growth and Opportunities

The value of a Master of Business Administration or MBA degree is undeniable for many professionals who want to spur some growth in their...

How to Get an Internship in the United States

by Denisse Romero Internships are practical experiences that bridge the gap between the educational world and the real world allowing you to experience what is...

Foreign Students’ Guide to Traveling to the USA

The United States is known for its multitude of foreign exchange students, which it accommodates on a yearly basis. In fact, there were more...

Global Travel Preparation: Homesickness

Just like the first time you stayed at your grandparents or went off to summer camp, being away from a familiar environment, even if...

Study in Rome at John Cabot University

Imagine attending United Nations conferences as part of your political science student group, visiting centuries-old churches as part of your art classes, or touring the...


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