Studying in France is becoming a popular choice for students seeking an international experience. This can be attributed to the proliferation of English-language programs offering more education options for non-native French speakers.

The country is unique among non-English-speaking European nations in recognizing the importance of English in today’s interconnected world by offering a variety of English-taught courses and degrees.

Not only that, but top business schools in France offer robust English-language programs that are highly sought after by international students.

Studying in Paris in English
Paris has become one of the most popular destinations for international students.

This shift in language programs allows students to pursue their bachelor’s and master’s degrees in French and/or English based on their career interests.

Being able to receive a quality education in English without having to completely uproot and start a new life is also an attractive option for local students looking to explore the world.


With a broad range of courses, France provides an ideal opportunity for students to broaden their horizons, learn a new language, and get a global education.

Plus, with the continuous rise in interest, it’s clear that the decision to study in France in English is a fantastic choice.

Montmartre Paris
Studying in France allows students to learn about authentic French culture.

Indeed, no longer does a student aspiring to study abroad have to limit their choices. In France, the dream of receiving a quality education taught in English is very much a reality!

Let’s take a look at the top universities in France offering English-taught courses and programs.

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Selecting English-Taught Programs in French Universities

A student in Paris
France attracts thousands of international students every year interested in a global education.

One aspect that plays an immense role in a student’s educational journey is the language of instruction. That’s why French universities are prioritizing English-taught programs.

They believe linguistic barriers shouldn’t prevent students from unveiling their potential and receiving a quality education.

Simultaneously, English programs are enriched by the cultural diversity of their international students. The exchange of unique ideas, different perspectives, and varied experiences in this multicultural setup enhances the overall learning experience for everyone.

English-taught programs in French universities cover multiple academic options from arts and humanities to science and technology, accommodating a range of academic pursuits. So, studying in English in France is a legitimate option – just check out the extensive list of programs available!

Paris library with university students
Some of the top French universities provide plenty of academic courses taught in English and French.

Take the time to explore below some of the best French universities offering English study programs. You’ll realize they’re on an equal footing with those of English-speaking countries in course content and teaching methods.

These universities have seamlessly combined the best aspects of the French education system with modern, groundbreaking teaching methods. Let’s navigate some of the best universities in France with English-taught courses.

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Université Paris-Saclay (Paris Sud)

Université Paris Saclay, located in the idyllic southern suburbs of Paris, is a mecca for scientific and medical studies.

So, if your head’s buzzing with things like molecules, diseases, technology, or the intricacies of the human body, and you’d like to delve into these in English, this institute is your ticket. Pair that with the charm of France and you’ve got an education that ticks all the boxes.

Ranked #58 on the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, Université Paris-Saclay offers an ideal tech education for global students.

English-Taught Programs:

  • Over 40 graduate programs are taught in English ranging from Artificial Intelligence to Nuclear Energy to Systems Biology.
  • Most undergraduate courses are taught in French.


As a public French university, the University Paris-Saclay offers free tuition to domestic and international students. However, certain university fees are required. Additionally, some English-taught master’s degrees require specific fees.


Université PSL

Right in the bustling center of Paris, Université PSL can kind of blow your mind. From humanities to physical sciences, there’s a smorgasbord of disciplines to explore.

And with a curriculum designed to trigger intellectual discovery in students, it’s a magnet for those thirsty for knowledge and new experiences.

Ranked #40 on the Times Higher Education World University Rankings, Université PSL is regarded as one of the top universities around the world.

English-Taught Programs:

  • 2 bachelor’s programs are taught in English: Management and Sustainability Science.
  • 26 master’s programs are taught in English ranging from Accounting to Cognitive Science to Fashion and Sustainability.


As a public French university, the Université PSL offers free tuition to domestic and international students. However, certain university fees are required. Additionally, some English-taught master’s degrees require specific fees.


Institut Polytechnique de Paris

Renowned for English-Language Programmes and welcoming International Students

Stepping into the grand hallways of the Institut Polytechnique de Paris, international students quickly find themselves embraced by an environment that radiates academic excellence and cultural diversity.

As one of the top universities in France, the Institute’s academic programs are centered on equipping students with invaluable skills and abundant knowledge. The Institute Polytechnique de Paris is currently ranked #71 by THE positioning it as one the top 100 universities worldwide.

Additionally, the Institute’s English-taught undergraduate and postgraduate courses offer state-of-the-art research and innovative teaching methods, drawing international students from every corner of the globe.

English-Taught Programs:

  • Bachelor of Science exclusively taught in English with double specialization: Mathematics and Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science, or Mathematics and Economics.
  • Over 50 graduate programs taught in English including Applied Mathematics and Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Mechanical Engineering, Physics, Nuclear Engineering, and more.


As a public French institute, tuition is free for all students. However, university and student union fees are required. Also, some master’s programs may involve additional fees.


Paris Institute of Political Sciences (Sciences Po)

Located in the heart of France’s vibrant capital, Paris, Sciences Po is a university known worldwide for its exceptional political science programs. 

This school’s dedication to enhancing the study experience in France for international students is evident in its vast array of English-taught courses. Over 14,000 international students come from over 150 countries.

Ranked as the #1 university in the European Union for Political Science (QS Rankings), Science Po attracts students from all over the world interested in making an impact locally and internationally.

English-Taught Programs:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Humanities and Social Sciences taught in English and French.
  • Dual Bachelor’s degree programs are offered in English, with no prior study of French required, with Columbia University, Keio University, National University of Singapore, University of British Columbia, University College London, University of California Berkeley, University of Hong Kong, and University of Sydney.
  • Over 18 Master’s degree programs taught in English including International Development, Journalism, Public Policy, Economic Law, Marketing and New Luxury, Finance and Strategy, Economics, and more.
  • Over 30 dual master’s degree programs are offered in English with universities from around the world.

Average Tuition

French and European Students:

  • €5,000 per year at the undergraduate level
  • €6,740 per year at the graduate level

Non-European International Students:

  • €14,720 per year at the undergraduate level
  • €20,380 per year at the graduate level

Note: Science Po offers many scholarships and grant opportunities. 1 in 3 students pay no tuition fees at all.


American University of Paris

The American University of Paris is renowned for its commitment to an American-style liberal arts education in an international context.

It’s a haven for American students and international scholars seeking to study diverse disciplines in English while immersing themselves in the enchanting French culture.

As a US-accredited university in Europe, the American University of Paris offers undergraduate and graduate degrees valid in the U.S. and France.

English-Taught Programs:

  • 25 undergraduate programs taught in English ranging from Art History to Computer Science to Quantitative Environmental Science.
  • 7 graduate programs: Diplomacy and International Law, Global Communications, Human Rights and Data Science, International Affairs, International Management, Conflict Resolution and Civil Society Development, and Strategic Brand Management.


  • €17,248 per semester for undergraduate courses
  • €13,264 per semester for graduate courses


Sorbonne University

Sorbonne University: Embracing English Taught Programmes

Famous for its unique blend of tradition and innovation, Sorbonne University has historically established itself as a top choice for students internationally.

Ranked among the top 75 universities around the world (THE World University Rankings), Sorbonne has an enrollment of over 10,000 international students.

Excelling in providing a vast array of study programs, studying at this university affords students the rare opportunity of getting a top-notch French education, all in English! 

Its progressive approach emphasizes the importance of English-taught programs. The university’s understanding of the global demand for education in English further solidifies its status as one of the best English-taught universities in France.

English-Taught Programs:

  • 9 master’s degree programs are taught in English: Physics, Computational Mechanics, Molecular Bioscience, Digital International Program, Cloud and Networks Infrastructure, Bioinformatics, Quantum Information, Wireless Systems, High Performance Computing.
  • Undergraduate degrees are only offered in French.


Tuition is free for public institutions in France. However, some registration fees are required:

  • 170 euros per year for a bachelor’s degree
  • 243 euros per year for a master’s degree
  • 601 euros per year for an engineering program
  • 380 euros for a PhD year


Why You Should Study in France at English-Taught Universities

students visiting the Louvre museum
Over 400,000 international students are currently attending universities and institutions in France.

It’s easy to notice a significant surge in the trend of studying in France. Over 400,000 international students attended French universities and institutions in 2022.

This impressive growth has catapulted France into a prime position among non-English-speaking European nations, attracting a host of international students to its English-taught universities.

Sure, studying in France boasts numerous perks, including free tuition for students attending public institutions in France, but what stands out is the combination of these English programs and the irresistibly charming French culture and lifestyle, marking France as a premium destination for students globally.

French universities understand the importance of English as a global language and the value it adds to mainstream communication. For this reason, they’ve integrated it into their teaching strategies.

Studying and Living in Paris, France
Paris, a top business and education destination

English acts as a unifying medium, knocking down language barriers and helping students stay technologically savvy. This also helps students keep up with international benchmarks while making deep connections with classmates from various countries.

French universities offering English-taught courses have not only enriched the educational experience but also eased the transition for international students who might initially struggle with French language courses.

For many international students, deciding the best French universities for them might seem intimidating. Yet, factors like the university’s rankings, course options, and support for international students can help you make the best choice.

Keep in mind, that studying involves more than just textbooks. Studying in France can provide you with an opportunity to blend into a different culture, acquire a new language, and forge lifelong friendships.

Learning French during an English-Taught Degree: Integrating French Culture while Studying in France

Sorbonne University
Sorbonne University

If you are interested in studying in France, English-taught degree programs provide a warm welcome, especially if you’re not fluent in French. But why not add a twist of French during your English-taught degree? It’s a fantastic way to weave the vibrant French culture into your study experience. 

Renowned schools such as Université Paris-Saclay and Université PSL have become top options due to their array of English-taught programs. On the other hand, establishments like the Institut Polytechnique de Paris and Sorbonne Université have truly embraced English-taught programs, gaining stellar reputations as friendly havens for international students.

Furthermore, institutes like Sciences Po (The Paris Institute of Political Sciences) and the American University of Paris stand out as English centers for political science and social science studies in France.

But let’s get this straight – learning French while studying in France is very important too. It’s not just about making ‘bonjour’ and ‘merci’ your new favorite words.

Paris streets
Studying in Paris: Blending French culture with top education opportunities

You’re going to level up your connection with an authentic French culture and explore even more networking opportunities. Blending English and French during your studies will boost your intellectual and social horizons!

So what’s stopping you from diving headfirst into the linguistic challenge of learning French while pursuing your English-taught degree? You’ll find many French universities offering language programs to ease you into it.

Go on, immerse yourself in French study programs that champion both English and French language learning for a deeper dive into the magnificent French culture!

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Louvre Paris France
The Louvre Museum, Paris

Indeed, studying in France is no longer confined to those who speak French. Thanks to many French universities opening up to global trends, France is set to attract an even larger audience of international students.

And all these international and American students are eager to reap the rich rewards of studying in such an esteemed education system.

Choosing to study in France in English merges the best of both worlds. It enables students to acquire a world-class education in English while experiencing a cultural immersion that can only be achieved through living and studying in France.

In the journey of studying abroad, these universities empower students to become not only proficient learners but also global citizens.

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