The more members a family has, the trickier it can be to work out where to go on holiday. Different age groups want different things and what appeals to a toddler isn’t going to be anything that a 10 year old or a teenager wants to do. So, as with most things in life, it needs to be a compromise.
For anyone holidaying in the UK a quick internet search will reveal hundreds of places to visit which provide something for all the family. Many holiday parks have crèches where little ones can be kept busy under the strict supervision of trained helpers, thereby giving parents a break to do whatever they want to do. There are holiday clubs for all ages and trained staff will be on hand to help and supervise children with regard to activities such as sport, crafts or just generally letting off steam.
For parents who really do fancy a bit of peace and quiet on holiday there is much to be said for hiring a holiday cottage. Companies such as Sykes Cottages have a selection of accommodation on offer and there will be something to suit the size of any family as well as any budget. From cottages in towns to holiday accommodation tucked away in the countryside, there will be something to suit. City dwellers can gain from this type of holiday as it gives children an outdoor experience and introduces them to many things that may not be available to them in their everyday lives such as country walks, farm animals and even cycling or messing about on a river.
Canal holidays often appeal to older children as well as to adults. This type of holiday means freedom to go wherever you want on an extensive network of canals throughout the UK. Big children enjoy the lock gates and the ability to steer the boat themselves. The chance to stop whenever you decide to is what appeals to a lot of people with this type of holiday.
Camping is always a good idea for a family holiday. British campsites have got their act together in a big way over recent years and the best ones now provide shower facilities, indoor cooking facilities and normally have a shop and clubhouse on site. This can be an inexpensive and fun way to spend a holiday and there is normally a children’s play area depending on the size of the site.

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