Cruising is now an extremely popular form of holiday. There is so much to do on the modern day cruise ship and there is entertainment provided for all age groups. Every wish is catered for and on top of it all, you get to visit some of the most stunning places in the world. What could be better?
The Caribbean has got to be one of the world’s top five destinations for cruising. Coupled with state of the art cruise ships and their top end amenities, the chance to island hop amongst some of the most glamorous islands in the world is an undeniable attraction. In addition, as the Caribbean covers a wide range of landscapes and nations, there is a chance to experience many different things from swimming with rays to climbing waterfalls.
An increasingly popular but totally different destination is Alaska. The scenery is what makes an Alaskan cruise so wonderful. There is no shortage of wildlife that can be spotted from the ship from eagles to whales. There is of course the chance to get off the boat and try some unique activities such as dog sledging or exploring the wilderness, knowing that back at the ship there will be a warm welcome after your exertions.
Another ‘cool’ location for cruising is the Norwegian Fjords. This is a relatively unspoilt area and gives you a chance to glide between glaciers and thrill at the wonders of nature. Nordfjord and Sognefjord are considered to be the most spectacular. A trip like this does allow for time ashore to enjoy the Bergen Mountain Railway for example or stay overnight in a mountain village. The ship will provide you with every imaginable amenity so you can enjoy the view whatever the weather.
Back to tropical paradises and few can compare to Hawaii. Whilst the ship will provide you with the best of accommodation and entertainment, there is plenty to do when you disembark too. You can surf in Oahu, climb up volcanoes on the Big Island or just explore the islands yourself. There is also ample opportunity to get face to face with the local wildlife.
Last but by no means least is the Mediterranean. As with the Caribbean, it is a perennial favourite. This is thanks to the temperate climate and more importantly, the access it gives to some of Europe and North Africa’s most famous places. A cruise on the Med can allow you to explore Barcelona, Casablanca, Venice, the Greek Islands or the South of France. The Mediterranean is particularly popular with British holidaymakers as it is possible to sail from the UK, so there is no need to fly. In addition, as the Mediterranean is so popular, cruise operators offer a whole range of cruise holidays.

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