Perched at the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula along the Caribbean coast, Cancun is the ideal place for a Mexican getaway if your idea of the perfect vacation involves spending hours spread out on a gorgeous beach with the sun radiating above you. With its sparkling white sand and stunning blue waters, the beaches in Cancun can entertain and enthrall you with their sheer beauty and wondrous sights. Throw in the lively nightlife and abundant water activities, and you have the makings of a relaxing, entertaining vacation along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

Although Cancun is typically known as a popular Spring Break destination for high school seniors and college students, there is more to this tourist resort than a low drinking age. Whether you are looking to soak in the heat of the summer (late June is blazing hot) or the gentle warmth of the off season, there is a perfect time for you to enjoy all this bustling tourist city has to offer. The beginning of summer is possibly the best time to see Cancun so you can avoid the rowdy students and the hurricane season.

Cancun from the air

When you arrive, make a beeline for the beaches on the northern side, which is also where you will find the exclusive and expensive hotel zone. This area has upscale hotels, restaurants, and bars that back up to pristine beaches on the ocean such as Playa Langosta, Playa Tortugas, and Playa Las Perlas. Playa Las Perlas is great for swimming and sunning while the other two beaches are great for water sports such as jet skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and parasailing.
When spending time on the northern side of Cancun, take a day trip to Isla Mujeres, which is located eight miles off the shore. There are ferries to the island from many of the beaches and here you can tour the terrain on a scooter, play beach volleyball on the soft white sand, or explore Garafon Park. Garafon Park is located on the island’s south side and while not used for sunning since it lacks a sandy beach, visitors can swim with fish that will follow around anyone who has food.

The eastern side of Cancun is mostly unprotected since it does not have an island to shelter it from the waves like the northern side. This means the waves can become quite large at times so it is important to use precaution when exploring beaches such as Playa Ballenas, Punta Nizuc, and San Miguelito. If you enjoy jumping over waves or participating in water sports that take advantage of wavy conditions (there are numerous jet ski rental outlets here), then the eastern side may be the ideal place for you to throw down a towel and dive headfirst into the water.


An excellent water-oriented place to check out is Xcaret Eco Theme Park, which offers swim with the dolphins tours, snorkeling and snuba diving (diving without a tank) to the barrier reef, and sea treks that allow visitors without diving experience to walk along the ocean floor. In the middle of the hotel zone, make your way to the interactive aquarium for an up close look at the native marine life. You can touch nurse sharks, stingrays, and starfish or swim with dolphins in a large pool at this moderately sized but modern aquarium.

If you are interested in the popular tourist nightlife of Cancun, Carlos and Charlie’s, Coronaville, and Señor Frogs can meet your entertainment needs with their lively atmosphere and contagious excitement. Jump into a conga line or spend the evening laughing with friends as you soak in the always entertaining festivities. For a more club-like experience, head over to O Ultra Lounge or The City so you can dance the night away with some of the top entertainers and DJs in the world. These venues promise a memorable night if you are willing to deal with the hassle of getting into a chic, popular club that has great acts and entertainment.

Since the beach will most likely be a large part of your Cancun adventure, make it the most convenient attraction by staying in one of the many Cancun vacation rentals that line the sandy shores of the ocean. A day at the beach is just steps out your back door and if you prefer a little privacy while sunning, simply stroll back to your patio so you can soak up the sun without masses surrounding you. Experience a laid back and relaxing Cancun vacation on your own terms when you stay in vacation rental that has all the amenities of home with a view that will forever leave you speechless.

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