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How to Study in Canada and Apply to Canadian Universities

Let's take a look at the process required to study abroad in Canada

The Best Ways to Explore Canada with Study Travel

For incredible inspiration and an injection of adventure, travel to Canada, one of the most naturally and culturally diverse countries in the world. Famously...

Top Canadian Universities that Give You an Edge

A university's reputation for innovation, cutting-edge research, co-operative education, and multicultural diversity can boost your career goals and give you an edge in life....

Top Universities in Canada with Excellent Opportunities

Here is a summary of the best small, medium, and large universities in Canada.

Affordable Holiday Destinations

by Denisse Romero MacQuil.com Although the economic situation in most of the world is affecting each and every one of us in different ways, there are...


Imagine walking on the streets of a cosmopolitan city and listening to a variety of people speaking English, French, Chinese, all blending...


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