For incredible inspiration and an injection of adventure, travel to Canada, one of the most naturally and culturally diverse countries in the world.

Famously clean-living, laid-back, and very welcoming, Canadians have a good standard of living and seem very content and positive about their beautiful country.

Combining study, travel and a touch of adventure is the perfect way to learn and encourage your personal development. After all, Canada has much to satisfy adventurous students.

With a popular outdoor culture, there is the opportunity to hike, climb, ski, or kayak and explore some of the magnificent natural playgrounds that make up the majority of this vast country.

You may be lucky enough to encounter (from a safe distance) a Grizzly Bear or even spot a Humpback Whale while on a boat trip off the west coast. Seeing one of these beauties gracefully break the surface of the ocean is an awesome experience.


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Explore Canada
Explore Canada

Niagara Falls, Canada’s Most Famed Attraction

The Niagara Falls is one of the world’s most stunning [and certainly its most voluminous] waterfalls in terms of water flow.

The Niagara Falls waterfall is actually a group of three that is located right on the border between the United States and Canada.

Niagara Falls

Just standing and taking in this amazing sight is breathtaking, but the more adventurous can get really close and take an exciting boat trip right under the fall of the water; it’s a lot of fun but be prepared to get very wet!

The water racing over the precipice is deafening, the spray is spectacular and the feeling of human insignificance in the presence of such a sight is heightened.

Visiting these falls is certainly a memorable and also somewhat humbling experience.

Vancouver: Beauty and Diversity


Vancouver is situated on the coast of Canada and is considered one of the best places in the world to live.

A visit to Vancouver can help you identify the differences between this first-world society and other cultures, as well as question the economic disparities and reasons for these.

This city is home to a very diverse population and therefore many languages are spoken — in fact, English is the first language of only about half of the people that live here.

Toronto: Culture and Excitement


Another great city is the cultural and economic capital of Canada, Toronto. There are so many opportunities in the city to suit several different areas of study.

Travel to Toronto to visit one of the many museums, explore Toronto Island, or climb the tallest free-standing tower in the western hemisphere, The CN Tower.

The more daring among you can even do an Edge Walk, an exhilarating no-hands walk right on the outside ledge of the tower. The views are second to none even if the experience makes it tough to keep your eyes open.

Montreal: Where 2 Languages Fell in Love

Montreal is another cultural gem. There is an eclectic art scene here and some wonderful museums housing them.

If you’re studying French, travel to Quebec where you can immerse yourself in the bilingual culture.

Canada has endless opportunities for exploration, study, and adventure. A holiday here will certainly be one to remember.


Studying in Canada will give you the opportunity to explore everything this country has to offer.

You could explore Study Abroad Programs in Canada or you could also apply directly to one of the Top Universities in Canada.

The options are endless! Start your journey today.

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About the Author: Angela Bowden works for STS (School Travel Service), the UK’s largest educational travel company, providing school trips for secondary schools, primary schools, and colleges. Study travel with STS can encompass art/design, foreign languages, history, science/nature, geography and more, to worldwide destinations.

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