The following article was written before hurricane Katrina hit the New Orleans region. After Katrina, the University of New Oleans was the first university in the city to open its doors and enroll students for the fall 2005 semester. Currently, the university operates on a normal schedule and has implemented programs to rebuild its community and enhance its academic programs.

With over 17,000 students enrolled, the University of New Orleans (UNO) is one of the largest universities in the Louisiana State University System. UNO is located near Lake Pontchartrain in the touristic and historic city of New Orleans. New Orleans is mainly known for its French influence, southern hospitality and history. These factors make UNO one of most attractive universities for students interested in studying tourism and hospitality. UNO offers a variety of majors in different academic departments: Humanities, Business Administration, Engineering, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Music, Pre-Med, Pre-Vet and Arts. The most popular majors at UNO are Hospitality and Tourism, Business Administration, Computer Science and Engineering. UNO is known as the best university for naval architecture in the United States and it also offers one of the best Jazz studies programs in the nation. Recently, it has been acclaimed for offering a strong graduate program in Film studies and for bringing many Hollywood producers to New Orleans.

The University of New Orleans attracts students from all over the world. UNO has 800 international students enrolled from 81 countries like China, Austria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Honduras, Chile and Ecuador to name a few. The university offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in different areas like Management Information Systems, English Literature, MBA, Tourism and Hospitality and in other arts and sciences. UNO has the largest graduate school of education in the south. It also offers PhDs in Financial Economics, Engineering, Education, Urban Science and in other fields.

The University of New Orleans boasts a friendly and welcoming atmosphere to students from the USA and from around the world. In a city like New Orleans, everyone can find business, arts and entertainment in a single block – and cost of living is reasonable. The university and the city can be quiet affordable. The down side? Well, it’s not exactly up there with Harvard and Yale when it comes to rankings. But in general, UNO can offer its students a good education and a friendly environment in a city that attracts thousands and thousands of people every year. Other universities in the area are Loyola University, Tulane University as well as other community and state colleges. For more information on UNO, please visit its website at

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