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10 Best Universities in Spain for International Students

Spain has become one of the top destinations in Europe for international students. In fact, over 200,000 international students are currently enrolled in higher...

Ten Reasons Why You Should Study in the UK

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should study in the UK

Top 5 Places in Italy for International Students

Studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and whether you’re a student looking to study abroad at an Italian university, or a student interested in...

Graduate Assistantships: Making Higher Education Affordable

According to the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, a graduate assistantship is an academic position that carries a stipend and usually involves...

How to Successfully Apply to College in the USA

Studying in the United States has become a very popular choice for students from around the world. The desire to learn from top research...

How to Get an Internship in the United States

by Denisse Romero Internships are practical experiences that bridge the gap between the educational world and the real world allowing you to experience what is...

Foreign Students’ Guide to Traveling to the USA

The United States is known for its multitude of foreign exchange students, which it accommodates on a yearly basis. In fact, there were more...

International Students Go Online

by Edwin Choi Global education is considered more important than ever in today’s shaky economy. Universities on the coastal regions, like Hawaii and California, are...

Academic Success Tips for International Students

I won't say that some of the world's best students get an opportunity to study abroad but yes, some of the most fortunate students...

How to Say I Love You in Ten Languages

With Valentine’s Day approaching, many lovers are wondering how to say those three fantastic words in other languages. For some of them, ...


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