Today`s holidaymakers literally have the world at their fingertips all year round. Tourism is a global industry with practically every country in the world open and welcoming to visitors, meaning you`re spoilt for choice when choosing where to go.

Popular and convenient destinations for summer breaks include the warm and sunny climes of Mediterranean countries such as Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Italy and Turkey. Combining glorious beaches with historic sites and warm and friendly people, these European countries are perfect holiday spots and easy to get to from airports across the UK.

In winter, Europe offers a multitude of skiing and winter sport destinations in countries including France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Andorra and Bulgaria. Long-haul, America and Canada also have a wide range of fabulous ski resorts.

If it`s winter sunshine you`re after then South Africa, the Caribbean, the Maldives, Thailand and Australia all offer a welcome escape from the chilly British weather. Closer to home the Canary Islands, Dubai and Egypt all have warm and sunny winter climates.

Major British airports serve these destinations or you can easily fly from smaller regional airports to connect onto long-haul flights. Your baggage will be transferred between flights for you, making the journey smooth and hassle-free. On arrival it`s easy to get to your accommodation by taxi from the airport.


The range of accommodation on any holiday is almost limitless. You can decide between hotels, bed and breakfasts, self-catering homes, farm houses, camping, chalets and more.

If you`re traveling alone, with children or elderly people or perhaps a large group of friends then your needs will be different. Think about what facilities are important to you to you help you narrow down your search. How much you have to spend will be an important factor in your decision, so work out your budget. Remember to include the cost of travel insurance, airport transfers, food if you are going self-catering, car-hire if you`re going to rent a vehicle and of course your spending money.

Stay safe on holiday and protect your money and valuables. Only carry small amounts of cash and use credit cards or traveller`s cheques for larger purchases. Use hotel safes to store valuables including passports. Watch out for pickpockets in popular tourist spots. Never carry anything valuable in your back pockets, which are easy targets for thieves and secure your day bag with a small padlock. Photocopy all your important travel documents in case they are stolen and always keep them separately from the originals. Ask your tour guide or hotel staff for advice on any areas to avoid, especially at night.

Always take out travel insurance for your holiday and make sure you know your entitlement to medical treatment if you fall ill or have an accident.

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