Imagine attending United Nations conferences as part of your political science student group, visiting centuries-old
churches as part of your art classes, or touring the Pantheon to complement your history lessons. Imagine meeting students from all over the world who share your passion for learning, exploring and immersing in the Italian culture. Imagine spending a summer, a semester, or four years in Rome and obtaining credits that count towards an American degree. All these things are possible at John Cabot University, a university located in beautiful Rome, Italy and accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education in the USA.
Students at John Cabot University hail from different corners of the world including USA, Europe, South America, Middle East, Russia and many other places. They come for a semester or four years seeking degrees in a variety of fields such as Business, Art, Communications, Political Science, International Affairs, and more. Many come as summer students interested in a lasting cultural experience and the opportunity to learn more about themselves. Michele Leardo from the USA notes that,

“If you come to Rome as a study abroad student with an open mind, and you have the courage to learn a new language, and embrace the culture and soak up all the customs of Rome, then you can really feel at home here immediately. I became much more independent, I was able to live in a new city and adapt to new customs.”

Classes at John Cabot are small and emphasize discussions, debates and the exchange of opinions. This is especially important to students pursuing degrees in political science and international affairs. Andy Tomassi, a student from Florida, points out that the Model United Nations is the biggest club on campus where they debate issues from disarmament to immigration to refugees. Giulio, a student from Rome, mentions that the student body’s cultural mix is

“something positive because we interact with so many different cultures, so many different attitudes, so many different behaviors that it’s mind opening.”

While academics are a priority for everyone at John Cabot, the university focuses on providing students with a world of social activities that serve to integrate the student body. Activities range from sports to cooking to wine tasting to yoga classes. There are trips to Florence, Pompeii and other cities in Italy as well as the rest of Europe. The cultural and travel opportunities are almost endless, even after leaving John Cabot. As Nadin, an alumna from Saudi Arabia puts it,

“The school is so diverse that now after graduation, anywhere in the world I have a friend.”

John Cabot University also provides support services, which are extremely important for anyone studying in a new country and finding themselves on their own for the first time. Matt Eckess, a student from Arkansas, emphasizes this aspect, “We have 24/7 access to counselors for students coming to Rome. There can sometimes be a bit of a culture shock coming here not knowing the language and being completely put into a new culture, so they are always here to help.” For Michelle Leardo, a Boston student, this support was particularly helpful once she arrived in Rome:

“As soon as I got to the airport in Rome, I was greeted by someone from JCU who took me right to the campus and from there I met students and faculty who helped me get my housing assignment, who even helped me get a cell phone and that night I even got to meet my [Resident Advisor]”.

Global students, cultural activities and vibrant academics are all part of your study abroad experience at John Cabot University. Whether your goal is to spend a summer in Rome or prepare for a global career, John Cabot offers a unique place where you can not only discover a new culture, you can also discover yourself.
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