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American Universities in Europe
The American higher education system has many advantages – a flexible curriculum, a variety of courses, transfer choices, study abroad opportunities and more. But for some American and International students, the dream of studying in Europe is just as strong as their desire to obtain an American degree. Some students may wish to learn a foreign language and travel through Europe without compromising their university education. Others may wish to study in Europe, but have not mastered the language requirements to do so at a European university. And yet others may just want to stay home while obtaining an American degree…. more

Top Ten Online MBA Programs
We’ve updated our rankings! Our latest results include well-established programs such as the one at the University of Florida, which has recently been recognized as one of the best values in business education, strong international programs such as IE, Thunderbird and Duke, and a new addition. Take a look at this list of top ten online MBA programs based on rankings/reputation, structure, networking opportunities, gained skills, and tuition investment. The Rankings and Tuition Fees published on this article are believed to be true for the academic year 2010 – 2011… more

Top Ten One-Year MBA Programs
We’ve updated our rankings! Our list includes prestigious universities such as Cambridge and Oxford University, international programs such as INSEAD, IE and ESADE and innovative programs such as the ones offered by Babson and the University of Florida. All these are extremely strong and great options for students who already have a master’s degree in a complimentary subject or for those who cannot afford to spend two years in school or away from their families. Whatever your reason may be, here is a list of some of the top one-year MBAs around the world … more

Top Ten International Law Schools
Imagine yourself working at the Hague, fighting for international human rights, drafting a multinational business contract or defending immigrants facing deportation. The field of international law is now more important than ever with globalization, trade agreements, and human rights policies affecting the lives of millions of people around the world. Can you imagine the infinite possibilities that a degree in international law offers? If you have already made up your mind about pursuing this field, then take a look at the top ten law schools for international law in the USA … more

Visit Cancun Mexico
Perched at the tip of the Yucatan Peninsula along the Caribbean coast, Cancun is the ideal place for a Mexican getaway if your idea of the perfect vacation involves spending hours spread out on a gorgeous beach with the sun radiating above you. With its sparkling white sand and stunning blue waters, the beaches in Cancun can entertain and enthrall you with their sheer beauty and wondrous sights. Throw in the lively nightlife and abundant water activities, and you have the makings of a relaxing, entertaining vacation along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean…more

So You Want to Study in France
France is recognized for its quality education in the arts and sciences. Who hasn’t heard of the Sorbonne and its history? Who hasn’t discussed the impact of the French Revolution in modern culture or watched with admiration the velocity of the TGV (train a grande vitesse) – one of France’s latest technological creations?  If you are trying to decide whether France is the right place for your university studies, you should take a look at the following information… more