by Edwin Choi

Global education is considered more important than ever in today’s shaky economy. Universities on the coastal regions, like Hawaii and California, are selling themselves to international students on the merit that they not only include reputable, United States education, but they are influenced by the qualities of the neighboring countries overseas. Backtrack for a moment there: why is it that international students choose the United States as the reputable, quality choice for higher education? What makes a United States education stand out to begin with where it ranks in the top spot for a global, worldly degree?
Quality. The facilities, resources, and faculty are backed by a high standard of quality control. Accreditation systems make sure that institutions are always upholding these high standards.
Choice. The choices available for education are seemingly limitless. In the United States, students can choose between vocational training, associate degrees, bachelor degrees, master degrees, and doctoral degrees, not to mention certification courses and minors to go along with a major. Not only that, but the social and academic environments are widely varied from school-to-school.
Value. The tuition costs of schools are just as variable as the choices. Students can choose to attend a larger range of colleges because they are not restricted by any physical boundaries, which allows them to pick only the schools that fit their budget. Although financial aid benefits may be limited due to their non-citizen status, international students can take heart in the fact that scholarship programs are available. Also, international students who elect to earn a degree online will not have to incur relocation or transportation costs and will not be forced to leave their current jobs.

Flexibility. Perhaps the largest perk of United States higher education is that ability to move freely from one institution to the other. This is made possible through the parallel quality of the different institutions as they meet the same accreditation standards of their neighbor college. Many students complete the first two years of education at a community college before moving to a university. Still other students complete part of their education at a campus and another part online.

Online education: the choice for a student that can’t afford to move to the United States for a US education, or is already engaged in too many responsibilities in their home country to be able to make such a monumental change. By attending an online program located in the United States, students still get the Quality, Choice, Value, and Flexibility a United States education has to offer, with the convenience of never travelling offshore.

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