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Can I pursue my MBA without any prior work experience?
Well, it depends on where you go to school and the kinds of jobs you are interested in pursuing. Very few students are admitted to good MBA programs without work experience. This is because the MBA stands for Master of Business Administration, which implies that graduates have some kind of experience. Nevertheless, many MBA graduates without experience get to land professional positions that allow them to gain experience and eventually occupy upper-management positions. But graduates with experience get more out of their MBA experience since they can quickly apply concepts, relate to case studies, and land a better job after graduation.
Can You Recommend Some Overseas Universities? I live in the US
There are so many great universities around the world. Where would you like to study – Europe, Latin America, Canada, Asia?  If you are interested in studying in Canada, check out out Top Universities in Canada articles. If you are interested in Europe, then take a look at the American Universities in Europe. You may also choose to read about Studying in France. If your destination is Latin America, then take a look at the following universities:Universidad de Monterrey – Mexico
Universidad San Francisco de Quito – Ecuador
Universidad Catolica de Chile – Chile
Universidad de Palermo – Argentina
Universidad Catolica de Argentina
University of Sao Paulo – Brazil
I am a US Citizen who speaks Spanish fluently. What can I do to study or work in a Spanish speaking country?
You can choose several options. If you want to study abroad or work abroad for a few months, then check out MacQuil.com Study and Work Abroad Directory. If you would like to study college in Latin America or Spain, you could try enrolling in a study abroad program through your current university, apply to a Spanish or Latin American university or apply to an American university located in Spain or Latin America. Do some research and check out the universities’ websites for information on international admissions. If you need a list of universities, contact us by posting a message on our message boards.
Will it be harder for me to get into an Ivy League university since I live in South Korea?
No, the fact that you live in South Korea won’t make it any harder to get accepted to an ivy league school than it usually is. It might provide you with a cross-cultural advantage if you know how to portray yourself well in your application. What have you learned from your cross-cultural experiences and how have these experiences shaped you into the person that you are today? You will have plenty of opportunities to demonstrate this through your application essays and interviews more
I would like to do an internship or work abroad in another country? What do I do?
There are many programs that offer internships, work abroad and volunteering options in different countries. For a list of work abroad and volunteering programs, check out MacQuil.com Work Abroad Directory. You should also contact your study abroad office at your university and see if they offer any international internship programs for current students. If you are interested in interning in the US, check out this great article: How can I get an Internship in the USA. Another easy way to work in a different country is as a language teacher. There are many programs for ESL teachers, check out: Teach English Abroad. I hope you find these recommendations useful. Good luck to you!
Do you need to take the SATs to get into an American university? I’m interested in studying design in New York.
No. Most universities require SAT or ACT scores, but not all do. Many art and design schools do not require these tests. However, they require high school transcripts, a portfolio, recommendations, and financial documentation for visa purposes. Select a few universities or design schools in New York that seem like good choices for you and ask them about their international admission requirements. Make sure you get a list of all these requirements and start working on your application. For more information about studying in the USA, take a look at this article: So You Want to Study in the USA. Good luck!
How can I study in France? I’m in junior college and I want to know how to go to college in France.
Are you attending the French Alliance in your area? They should be able to give you some information about applying to universities in France. If not, don’t worry, here is an article with a lot of information: So You Want to Study in France? Also, you could transfer to an American university in France such as the American University in Paris. Or you could finish your undergraduate studies at an American university – study abroad in France for one semester – and then apply for graduate school in France. If you are interested in an MBA program, France has some of the best business programs in the world. Check out: Top One Year MBA Programs.
What can I do to study Biology/ Environmental Studies in the Galapagos Islands?
Many universities offer field studies and excursions to the Galapagos Islands sponsored by their Biology or Environmental Studies departments. In addition, the following universities offer study abroad opportunities in the Galapagos Islands:Washington College in Maryland
St. John’s University
Universidad Espiritu Santo – Guayaquil
Universidad San Francisco de Quito (GAIAS)
Could you give me a list of universities in the Washington, DC/MD/VA area that offer masters degrees in Telecommunications?
Check out the following programs:
MS in Telecommunications (part of the Electric Engineering department) at The George Washington University
MS in Telecommunications at the University of Maryland
MS/MA in Telecommunications at George Mason University
MA in Communications, Culture and Technology at Georgetown University – This program is more interdisciplinary and less technical in nature.
Do I need a visa to study for 4 months In Mexico? If so, where do I get it?
Yes. If you are a US citizen, your tourist permit only allows you to stay in Mexico for 180 days (3 months), therefore, you do need to apply for a student visa. Check this link for more details: https://www.gob.mex/sre/en
My son wants to study his first year of University abroad, particularly Europe: England, France, Holland or Spain. He only speaks fluent English and Spanish. What are the options for a university whose credits will be recognized back here in United states after his freshmen year?
He should probably opt for an American University in one of those countries. Since he would be obtaining credits from an American university, these credits will easily transfer in the US Higher Education System. Here are links to some American colleges:Schiller International University
Saint Louis University in Spain
Webster University in The Netherlands
American University of Paris
I have been studying in the American curriculum and was just wondering : Do you have to do the SAT even if you are planning on studying in the United Kingdom?
Ok, here’s the deal – UK Universities require that you have 13 years of education (not 12 like in the states) and A-levels for undergraduate admissions.
Now, most UK universities require American or US-educated students to present SAT I and SAT II (3 subjects) scores instead of A-level exams. In addition, most students wanting to apply to universities such as Oxford and Cambridge take Advanced Placement tests to make up for the 13th year of education that UK universities require. Other universities may or may not require AP tests.
Check with the UK university of your choice for more information about international admissions. Good Luck!
Which city in Spain is best for practicing Spanish? I want to practice my Spanish in Spain during this summer. I haven’t been in Spain before and couldn’t decide which city to go.
Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Pamplona are all good cities. Virtually, anywhere in Spain would be a good place to practice and learn “castellano” (the Spanish dialect taught in the USA and spoken in Spain and Latin America). Barcelona where Catalan is spoken is mainly populated by Castellano speakers, so don’t worry about this and choose the city that best fits your lifestyle. Que tengas un buen viaje!!
What is the best major for getting a job overseas?
This depends on the country where you’d like to work. In the United States, there’s a lot of demand for teachers, nurses, sales and technology professionals. In Canada, there is demand for technology professionals, tourism managers, and film gurus – particularly in Vancouver. In Japan and China, there is a big demand for English as a Foreign Language teachers. However, you need to focus on choosing a major that fits your interests and skills. If you love art, then by all means major in it. You can always make a living by teaching art, becoming an art director, or a graphic designer while traveling around the world. Just think about it and don’t let economic factors decide what you want to do for the rest of your life.
I am an International Student in Canada. Can I get an H1B visa to work in the USA from Canada?
In order to get an H1B visa, you need to be petitioned and sponsored by a US employer. Therefore, your first step should be to find an American company willing to sponsor you. You could start by using this work abroad directory to find jobs in the USA. Your current location should not be a factor in getting this type of visa, however some employers will prefer to interview and hire applicants who are already located in the USA. Visit this site for more information:
How can I study in Canada?
1. Start by finding a suitable university that meets your requirements.
2. Gather a list of admissions requirements – not every university has the same admission requirements, therefore you must visit their admissions website or contact the admissions office to get information about deadlines, requirements (degrees, test scores, English proficiency, etc.)
3. Once you have gathered all these requirements, send your complete application and all supporting documents.
4. If you are accepted, the university will send you a letter of acceptance and information about how to obtain a visa and study-permit from the Canadian consulate or embassy in your region.
I am currently a 3rd year Engineering student. I am planning to do an MBA in the USA. Could you tell me about the admissions requirements?
Most MBA programs in the USA require the following:

  • A complete application
  • A bachelor’s degree (in any subject/major) or its equivalent
  • GMAT scores
  • TOEFL scores from non-native English speakers
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Essays
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Financial Statements from international students who require student visas.

For specific MBA program requirements, contact the School of Business admissions department at the university of your choice.

I want to get a law degree (JD) from the USA. How do I do this?
US Law School admissions require that you have:
– A U.S. Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent (4 years of university education)
– LSAT scores
– Recommendation Letters
– TOEFL scores (for international applicants)
– Possibly a full application submitted through LSAC
– Financial Statement from international applicants
The Juris Doctor (JD) program typically lasts 3 years. Once you graduate with a law degree, you will be eligible to sit for the bar exam from the state where you wish to practice. If you get a law degree from your country, then you will be eligible to apply for a Master’s of Laws degree in the USA. Most law schools offer this degree. Once you graduate with this degree, you will be eligible to sit for the bar exam at most states. Note that you will not be able to practice as a lawyer in the USA unless you pass the bar exam.
I completed high school in the UK but left before doing A-Levels. Will I be accepted if I want to study at a University in France?
Some French universities offer French language programs – that may last from 6 months to a year – and preparation for the DELF, which is a French profienciency test required from non-native speakers. Other French entrance tests may also be offered for university admissions purposes. Once you pass the DELF, you should be eligible to apply for a university program provided that you have obtained the equivalent of a French baccalaureate. Some universities might deem your British secondary preparation sufficient, but others – specially Grandes Ecoles – may require you to prepare for the DAEU (Diplôme d’ Accès aux Etudes universitaires). This diploma is equivalent to the French baccalaureate. The preparation lasts one year and it’s offered by many French Universities. You should contact the university of your choice and see if they provide French as a Second Language, DELF, and DAEU preparation programs. You should also inquire about university admission requirements. Another alternative is to go and visit the French Alliance office in your area and talk to an education representative about the possibility of studying in France.
Are student exchanges for a year a good idea? I’m a sophomore in highschool and I’m applying to spend next year in Belgium or France. Are there any comments about experiences on exchanges?
It’s an excellent idea, although most exchange programs operate based on the school year, so most likely you will be spending 9 months. It is a wonderful experience, but it will also require some adjustment. You will go from being really excited about your new country to being homesick and wanting to go back in a matter of days, weeks or months. You will need to be strong during this time and not lose sight of the bigger picture – make local friends, talk to your host family and advisors, go out and explore more of that new culture. After you get over that small bump, you will feel more familiar with your surroundings and free to enjoy your time meeting new friends and seeing new places. You will also realize that you are a stronger and wiser person because of it. By the end of your exchange year, you will be really sad that it went by too fast and that you did not get to do everything you wanted. You will be ready to go back home with all the intentions of coming back someday.
How can I study medicine in the USA ?
You must obtain a bachelor’s degree in any field before you can apply to medical school. Most students major in Biology and minor in humanities (Philosophy is a popular minor among pre-med students). They should also do lots of community work, work with their pre-med counselor and professors to prepare for the MCAT exam, and must take a minimum of 2 Biology courses (with lab), 4 Chemistry courses (General and Organic) and 2 Physics courses along with some necessary Mathematics courses. Getting admission into a U.S. medical school is a very competitive process. Most medical schools will only accept students who have a U.S. or Canadian bachelor’s degree. In addition, the tuition cost can be a challenge (over 200,000 USD for 4 years). Visit the AMA (American Medical Association) website for more information.
I am thinking of taking a holiday in South America next year. Would you recommend some countries ?
If at all possible, you should visit all the South American countries, but if that’s not possible, then Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Peru are top destinations. In fact, lots of people travel by car or bus touring these countries. You can start in Ecuador where you can visit the Galpagos Islands and Andes mountains, then Peru and their Inca ruins (Macchu Picchu), head south to Chile and their amazing beaches, go east to Argentina for a beautiful night of Tango and then go north to Brazil and its beautiful beaches and rainforests. Enjoy your Holiday vacation!
I want to go to law school. What is the best law school out there today?
There are many factors you need to consider such as place, specialization, network opportunities, job placement and last but not least – money (how much is law school going to cost?). Public schools are usually cheaper than private schools, however some private schools are consistently ranked as the top universities for law in the US. You must decide what is important to you and then work on a strong application. Admission into law school is extremely competitive and requires a lot of work and effort. Good luck!
Can you give me the complete rankings of US universities offering MS courses?
I could not find it in any site.

Anand, India
If you need rankings, check usnews.com and review.com. Most rankings will include lists categorized by major or academic field such as graduate engineering schools, business schools, medical schools, law schools, etc.
I am an American who is seriously considering studying in England for my undergraduate degree. I plan on majoring in Computer Science perhaps doubled with another major or just a minor, and I also will study the foreign languages as well. Due to unemployment and whatnot in the states, I am not rich (as if I ever was) so is there financial aid at all for American students wishing to study overseas? I figure an economical recession would be a good time to get some new skills as my 3 years of computer experience are obsolete.
Also I have looked at the laws and regulations of getting a student visa. It says that one can only work 20 hours per week by law on a student visa. Well, it better be a good paying job then, lol. If you pay for a place to stay, bills, and any school bills, how is 20 hours sufficient enough to pay all that?

K. Schlag, USA
Twenty hours can be enough to pay for rent, food and very essential bills, but you will have to get used to a humbler way of life. Trust me! I’ve done it. Financial aid is available for U.S. citizens who want to study in other countries. Just contact the financial aid or admissions department of the university you want to apply to and they’ll give you more information on how to get this. You can also check this site www.iefc.com which provides information for U.S. citizens who want to study abroad. Good luck to you!!
I’ve completed my 4 year degree of BE-IT which is the Engineering Degree in IT from one of the most famous university of Pakistan – Hamdard Universisty. I’ve scored the CGPA of 2.97 in that four year program and I am interested to continue my education in a good university of the US for masters, but the problem is that most universities require the score of 3 out of a 4 grade scale with which I am pretty closed …I want to know if I am still eligible for getting admission in a Reputable U.S. university…??? If not please guide me.. what in the world should I do?? and please guide me under what circumstances should I take the GRE test…??? thanks..
Israr, Pakistan
You can still gain admission to some universities, unfortunately these will not be first tier universities. I guess I’d need to know what you mean by “reputable” universities? All universities have their pros and cons and some more local and not so popular universities have their advantages. It all depends on what you’re looking for. There are factors you need to consider like location, size, employment, assistantships, etc. With the exception of some programs, you will definitely need to take the GRE and the TOEFL to apply to graduate programs. In addition, many universities require GRE scores to determine scholarship eligibility.
How much should I bring to the USA in order to gain admission to US universities? Can it just based upon the grants + stipends ?
Eric, Malaysia
This depends on the university you choose. Most universities require a financial statement with your application and a letter from your bank indicating you have enough funds in a year to pay for the university. However, most doctorate programs are funded through research and teaching assistantships granted by the university. If you are admitted to a doctorate program, the university will send you an I-20 (form needed to get a student visa) indicating you will be granted an assistantship and that your tuition is covered by this assistantship. If you are granted an assistantship, I’d still recommend you bringing enough funds to cover your living expenses. Again, this depends on the geographic area. For example, in areas like New York and Boston a one bedroom apartment can cost between $1500 and $3000 per month – most people get roommates to afford places like this. It all depends on your lifestyle and the geographic area you choose. Hope this answers your question.