Top Holiday Travel Destinations

Despite the high cost of fuel and other travel expenses, an estimated 63.5 million Americans are planning to travel at least 50 miles or more from home this Christmas and New Year. Hotel rates are up nearly 15% at some popular destinations, yet bookings are full or nearly full.

So where [...]

Germany: Land of Contrasts

Located in Central Europe and bordered by Austria, Denmark, Poland, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands and France, Germany is considered the heart of Europe and a land of contrasts. From green forests to cosmopolitan cities, from wine villages to medieval castles, from relaxing natural spas to world-wide rock festivals, Germany is [...]

Graduate Job Opportunities – Adventure, Work and Travel

by Alice Baines

Think gap years are just for school leavers and time wasters? Think again!

Over 30% of the volunteers sent away last year by ‘The Leap’, one of the UK’s leading Gap Year organizations, were over the age of twenty. Be it a year off before submitting to the [...]

Galapagos Adventures – Activities in the Galapagos Islands


What makes the Galapagos Islands so special in this day and age is that there is no place on earth quite like them. Completely unique, these islands are truly one of a kind and are a great place to see evolution in action. Charles Darwin visited the Galapagos in [...]

Destination: Argentina

You may know it as the land of Gardel and his Tango, Evita and Peron, or as the country that hosts the amazing and beautiful city of Buenos Aires, but Argentina offers tourists a land of diverse and amazing adventures.

Located in South America, Argentina has an area of almost 3.8 million [...]

Eating on a Budget in France, Belgium, Holland and Denmark

Prices vary tremendously throughout Europe, but rest assured, you’ll always find somewhere to eat that’s within your budget.

France is known for its good food and its high prices, but that’s mostly true if you are choosing from the Michelin guide by the number of stars the establishment has. Away from the [...]

Dominican Republic: Discovering a New World

Discovered in 1492 by Christopher Columbus, the Dominican Republic is a mosaic of beautiful beaches, majestic hills, and lively people. The Island of Hispaniola, as Columbus named it, has always been described as one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean. Columbus refers to it as, “"a beautiful island paradise with high [...]

Denmark: A Magical Land

A magical land surrounded by mystical tales of majestic castles, little mermaids, vikings, delicious pastries, and beautiful beaches. Denmark has it all – from the Tivoli Gardens to popular beaches to Legoland – there is always something for people of all ages. The Kingdom of Denmark is the smallest and southernmost of the [...]

Chile: Land of Poets

Chile Glacier

Chile – a land of poets and wine, a land of contrasting beauty, a land as romantic as some its famous citizens:  Pablo Neruda, Gabriela Mistral, Isabel Allende. Considered the longest country in the world, this South American nation offers a diversity of landscapes and travel opportunities from the Andes [...]

Top Carnival Destinations

Carnival is not just a cruise line that takes you around the Caribbean. It’s a festival season that marks the beginning of lent featuring parties, parades, masquerades, balls, and for lots of people, a refreshing beach vacation. This year, most countries celebrate Carnival during the second and third weeks of February. So pack [...]