Destination: Argentina

You may know it as the land of Gardel and his Tango, Evita and Peron, or as the country that hosts the amazing and beautiful city of Buenos Aires, but Argentina offers tourists a land of diverse and amazing adventures.

Located in South America, Argentina has an area of almost 3.8 million [...]

Five Affordable World Travel Destinations

by C.J. Gustafson

Locations That Offer More But Cost Less

So you want to travel the world but you have a tight budget? Are you tired of reading about everyone else’s exotic adventures and ready to have some of your own? Have you always wanted to take an international vacation but [...]

5 Argentina Travel Tips for the Foreign Study Traveler

by Casey Markee

Have you ever thought of hopping a plane for spring break in Argentina? Maybe you want to study Spanish in Buenos Aires or learn the Tango in Mendoza? Too difficult, you say? No way, but there are a few things you need to know when traveling abroad. Take advantage of the [...]