Top 5 Cruise Locations

Cruising is now an extremely popular form of holiday. There is so much to do on the modern day cruise ship and there is entertainment provided for all age groups. Every wish is catered for and on top of it all, you get to visit some of the most stunning places in the world. [...]

Virtual MBA Internship Worldwide

Lifebushido is looking for the top global MBA and undergraduates who want to jump-start their career and focus their talents on creating the world’s best Virtual Internship for entrepreneurs. Interns will develop a microventure from a business plan to a revenue-generator within 10 weeks, with less than 100 hours of effort. The Lifebushido Virtual Internship [...]

Notre Dame Online: A Conflict Management Experience

By Denisse Romero

A couple of months ago I was given the opportunity to audit a business course offered by Notre Dame Online, the online branch of the University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business. Notre Dame Online offers a few Executive Certificates including Certificates in Business Administration, Leadership and Management, and Negotiation. [...]

American Universities in Europe

The American higher education system has many advantages – a flexible curriculum, a variety of courses, transfer choices, study abroad opportunities and more. But for some American and International students, the dream of studying in Europe is just as strong as their desire to obtain an American degree. Some students may wish to learn [...]

Top Universities in Canada

Canadian universities are some of the best in the world in terms of learning, research, cultural and development opportunities. Students from all parts of the world go to Canada year after year to enroll in some of the best universities in this country. Some students cite Canada’s diversity and multiculturalism as some of the [...]

Affordable Holiday Destinations

by Denisse Romero

Although the economic situation in most of the world is affecting each and every one of us in different ways, there are still several ways to enjoy the holidays without breaking the bank. Here I will list a few holiday destinations where having fun does not equal spending lots of [...]

Graduate Assistantships: Making Higher Education Available

by Denisse Romero

According to the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, a graduate assistantship is an academic position that carries a stipend and usually involves part-time teaching or research given to a qualified graduate student. Usually the university rewards the student with tuition exoneration and a small stipend that covers room and [...]

International Students Go Online

by Edwin Choi

Global education is considered more important than ever in today’s shaky economy. Universities on the coastal regions, like Hawaii and California, are selling themselves to international students on the merit that they not only include reputable, United States education, but they are influenced by the qualities of the neighboring countries overseas. [...]

Europe: Travel Tips

Today`s holidaymakers literally have the world at their fingertips all year round. Tourism is a global industry with practically every country in the world open and welcoming to visitors, meaning you`re spoilt for choice when choosing where to go.

Popular and convenient destinations for summer breaks include the warm and sunny climes of Mediterranean [...]

Virginia Tech University

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University – more commonly known as Virginia Tech – was founded in 1872.  Virginia Tech is located in Blacksburg, Virginia, has more than 100 campus buildings, a 2,600-acre main campus, a 1,700-acre agriculture research farm, and even its own private airport. Virginia Tech’s biggest claim [...]