Top Ten One Year MBA Programs

One-year MBA programs are the perfect solution for people who already have a master’s or graduate degree in a complimentary subject and for those who cannot afford to spend two years in school or away from their families. Whatever your reason may be, here is a list of some of the top one-year MBAs around the world. Note: Unless otherwise noted, the Rankings and Tuition Fees published on this article are believed to be true for the academic year 2008-2009.


1. Northwestern University

Kellogg School of Management

Location: Evanston, Illinois, USA
Program: One-Year MBA
Rankings: #4 by BusinessWeek, #5 by US News and World Report, #22 by Financial Times
This 12-month program at Northwestern focuses on core courses during the summer and electives during the following year. The program is tailored for students who possess an undergraduate or graduate degree in business.
Tuition: One-Year MBA Program $72,000 (for 2011-2012)


Location: Fontainebleau, France and Singapore
Program: MBA
Rankings: #5 by Financial Times, #1 by BusinessWeek, #7 International by the Wall Street Journal

INSEAD offers two campuses and two start dates. Students can choose to apply to the European campus in Fontainebleau, France or to the Asian campus in Singapore. The program has two start dates per year – August and January. The INSEAD MBA lasts 10 months and is divided into 5 periods that include core and electives courses.

Tuition: €56,000 (approximately $80,000 USD)

3. IE Business School

Location: Madrid, Spain
Program: International MBA
Rankings: #3 Business Week, #7 by Financial Times, #1 by The Wall Street Journal

The International MBA at Instituto de Empresa lasts 13 months (November – December) with a pre-program/orientation session that starts in September and includes an intensive Spanish course. The program includes core courses, electives, forums, optional business Spanish lessons, and projects.

Tuition: €58,200 (Approximately $83,000 USD)

4. University of Cambridge

Judge Business School

Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom
Program: MBA
Rankings: #10 by Business Week, #21 by Financial Times

The One-Year MBA program at Cambridge starts in October and ends in August with the culmination of an individual project. The program includes core courses, electives, a Cambridge Venture project, a global consulting project, and an individual project. One thing that distinguishes this program from the rest is its location at the heart of Silicon Fern – a concentration of new high-tech and bio-tech businesses.

Tuition: MBA Program £36,000 College Fee £2,289 (Approx. $62,000 USD)

5. University of Oxford

Saïd Business School

Location: Oxford, United Kingdom
Program: MBA
Rankings: #16 by Business Week, #16 by Financial Times

Oxford’s one-year MBA program starts in October and ends in September. The program includes core courses, electives, and an entrepreneurship project. Most of the core courses focus on quantitative subjects such as Finance, Economics, and Decision Science, while electives include marketing, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, private equity and other subjects.

Tuition: MBA Program £36,300 College Fee £3,150 (Approx. $64,000 USD)

6. Cornell University

Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management

Location: Ithaca, New York, USA
Program: Accelerated MBA
Rankings: #13 by BusinessWeek, #16 by US News and World Report, #36 by Financial Times, #11 by The World Street Journal

Cornell’s One-Year Accelerated MBA program lasts 12 months starting in May and graduating the following May. This program is specially designed for individuals who already possess a graduate degree in a technical, scientific or quantitative field. It requires strong quantitative skills and professional work experience.

Tuition: $51,480 USD (for 2011-2012)


Location: Barcelona, Spain
Program: One-Year MBA
Rankings: #4 by BusinessWeek, #19 by Financial Times, #6 by The Wall Street Journal

ESADE’s One Year Full Time MBA program lasts 12 months starting in April and ending in March. The program starts in English with parallel Spanish classes. Business electives can be taken in either Spanish or English after the core program has been completed. The program is designed for students who have a bachelor’s in business, economics or engineering.

Tuition: €54,500 (Approx. $78,400 USD) for 2011-2012

8. Emory University

Goizueta Business School

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Program: One-Year MBA
Rankings: #22 by Business Week, #23 by US News and Week Report, #34 by Financial Times, #10 by The Wall Street Journal

The One-Year MBA program at Emory starts in May and lasts 12 months. The program requires that applicants have a business or economics degree, or an engineering degree and business experience. Applicants should have strong quantitative skills and significant work experience. The program focuses on core courses and electives with the majority of core courses being completed during the summer.

Tuition: $63,600

9. University of Florida

Warrington College of Business Administration

Location: Gainesville, Florida, USA
Program: Traditional One-Year MBA
Rankings: #77 by Financial Times

Besides traditional two-year and online programs, the University of Florida offers two options for its one-year MBA. Option A is designed for students from all majors. This option lasts 12 months and focuses on core subjects and electives. Also, option A offers a 1/3 scholarship to all students. Option B is designed for business majors who completed their bachelor’s within 7 years. This option lasts 11 months and focuses mainly on electives.

Tuition: Florida Residents $15,555, Out-of-State $38,745 (including 1/3 scholarship for Option A).

10. Babson College

Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Program: One-Year MBA
Rankings: #51 Overall (#1 Entrepreneurship) by US News and World Report, #1 Entrepreneurship by Financial Times
Description: Ranked as the top MBA in Entrepreneurship, Babson offers an MBA program that starts in May and lasts 12 months. This program requires that applicants have a business undergraduate degree and at least 2 years of professional experience. The program focuses on core courses during the summer months, and allows students to choose their electives during the following two semesters.
Tuition: $60,326

Rankings are based on regular MBA rankings.

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40 comments to Top Ten One Year MBA Programs

  • John

    I have my bit of research on the web. Your article was quiet helpful. Global markets are not doing well currently. There are offline reports of downsizing in software industry in India. I have a 720 GMAT, 4 yr work ex, started own company but had to close it down.

    Post MBA, placements are found through own networking, MBA fairs etc. If a stduent has to find placement by his network, then why pay so much and go to a big brand. Instead go to an affordable university and keep building your network.

    I can’t take too much debt. I am looking for an MBA that is affordable yet has some good opportunities.

    Can you please suggest me some options, location no bar.


  • Marina

    Hello, few days ago it came to mind that I could do a MBA in the USA. But I am not quite sure if my educational background is sufficient for it. I have been studying Italian Philology in Germany and will graduate from university with a Magister degree which is equivalent to a Master degree. By doing researches I have also came across that work experience is required for doing a MBA program. Are internships and sidejobs sufficient to fullfill this request. What do you think about the California International Business University? Is it a good university?

  • Tania

    Hello Sir, I have completed my graduation this year from delhi university with a score of 63% aggregate and 70% in final year. I know german language also to the extended level. I want to do MBA in finance, 1 year programme from UK or USA or Europe or Australia. But i cant afford more than $15000 for both education and accommodation. Is there any university or college where I can apply with this cost structure. If yes, then suggests me some URLs where i can check the information related to that.
    Thank You Sir

    • Denisse Romero

      Tania – I understand that MBA programs usually have high tuition fees, but I would suggest that you contact these universities directly and ask about scholarships, fellowships, assistantships and any other form of financial aid available to international students. Also, try conducting some research on state universities (USA) MBA programs. These programs tend to be a bit less expensive than the rest. Keep in mind that attending programs in large cities such as London or New York will mean higher costs of living for you. Good luck!

  • Akshay

    Hello all, I just want to know some information about the admissions in the TOp rung B schools of the World. I am a Banker with 7 yrs work ex in Wealth management + Commercial banking product, I have done grad from DU and MBA from a 2nd rung Bschool. I am aiming anything above 700 as a GMAT score. Please elucidate my chances with this profile and score. The last B school I am aiming is Kellogs.

  • Abraham


    Hope you are doing fine, I want to do a 1 year MBA with strong marketing fields … Which would be your best suggestion?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Sami

    Where is the IMD?…the best top ten mba programs IMO are (in order): INSEAD (Consulting and Finance-France and Singapore), IMD (Management and Leadership-Switzerland), Kellogg (Management and Marketing-Illinois), IE (Entrepreneurship-Spain), Cambridge (Management-England), Oxford (Finance-England), Cornell (Management and finance-NY), HKUST (Finance-Hong Kong), Emory (operation and management-Georgia, US), and ESADE (management-Spain)..

  • Cristian

    dear denisse, what will you recomend for a good entrepreneur mba? I have a bussiness and im hoping to get the best tools to make it more competitive..Is it hard to get in the good MBAs?
    thanks alot for you help!

    • Denisse Romero

      There are a few MBAs that come to mind. Babson is known for their entrepreneurial programs, but you could also take a look at the programs offered by Harvard, Stanford, UT, MIT. If you are looking outside the USA, Oxford, Cambridge, IE, and ESADE have strong entrepreneurship programs. MBA programs are in demand right now, so there will be quite a few applicants increasing the competition for admission. Having said this, if you can make a good business case for yourself (you already have a business!) and you have a good GPA and GMAT scores, your chances of getting are pretty good. Good luck!

  • jumsumtak

    Can I apply in both 1 year and 2 year courses in the same year at Kellogg? if yes, am i required to fill separate applications?

  • MBA Ram

    When will be the MBAExaminations? | Where can I get the MBA applications? | What is the syllabus of MBA exam?

    • Denisse Romero

      MBA Ram – Do you mean GMAT examinations? The MBA or Master of Business Administration is a graduate academic program offered by individual universities around the world. As such, examinations dates, applications and syllabus are set by each individual school. The GMAT is an examination usually required as part of the business school admissions process. There are different dates offered by the GMAT administration. You can learn more about it at

  • vaibhav

    Hi Aadhya with 720 GMAT Score you can easily apply in Top Mba colleges of USA like
    Harvard, MIT, Northwestern University and others. Just check out the list from learnhub of top 100 mba colleges with average GMAT Score.

    As per list you are eligible for top universities. Also you have 9 years experience in wealth management which will be added advantage. Have you applied in any University till date.


    I have an MBA degree from India (not top rung) and posess approx 9 yrs of work ex and am currently part of wealth management at a large MNC bank and mid-management level. I am keen on a change in career path. My GMAT score is 720. I would like your advice on what schools I should apply to for a 1 yr fast track MBA. I am 34. I would want to at this stage look at only some of the best schools as I already have a local management degree. Any guidance will be helpful. Thanks.


    • Denisse Romero

      Hi Aadya. You mention wanting to change your career path. Do you know what kind of industry or field you’d like to pursue? Some programs offer specializations and connections with specific industries. For example, Babson is known for its entrepreneurial focus, so if you are interested in starting a business, then this might be a good program for you. Other programs have strong partnerships with specific companies where students have the opportunity to work on case studies or projects with key officers from the company. I would encourage you to do some research — this site offers a good starting point — visit the programs websites and see what kinds of specializations or field opportunities they offer. Good luck!

  • r

    sir, i am from india. i want to do MBA from some best university in america by distance education mode.
    please help me withe the eligibility and selection procedure.

    • Denisse Romero

      Hello “r”. Well, each university has its own eligibility/admissions requirements, so I would suggest that you contact each university directly or visit their website to learn more about their requirements. Generally, you would need a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent (4 years of university or post-secondary studies leading to a professional degree) with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Most universities require the GMAT, which is a standardized test that covers analytical and verbal skills, essays or statement of purpose, recommendations, and resume. Some universities may even require a phone or personal interview, although this is not common in distance learning programs. Of course, there are always exceptions and some programs may not have any of these requirements, but that really depends on the specific program you choose. I would really encourage you to gather eligibility and selection/admission requirements directly from the schools and programs. Good luck!

  • Denisse Romero

    Cost effective MBAs under $20,000? We don’t see many of those anymore. As a general rule of thumb, state universities tend to cost a bit less than private ones. If you are in the states, I would recommend that you take a look at the state universities around you and see if they offer online MBA programs. In Europe, some universities may provide lower tuition and full scholarships to some students. Sweden comes to mind, but as MBA programs become more and more popular, demand tends to generate an increase in tuition costs.

  • M

    are there any good online mba programs that are cost effective. under 20k possibly.

  • sunil suberwal

    Dear Sir,

    I wanna know about one year MBA program but i for distance education…

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