College Applications – The Inside Story

by Linda Abraham

During a recent teleseminar, I was asked to rank test score, GPA, experience, etc. by order of importance in admissions decisions. I ranked them, but after the seminar ended I kept thinking of situations in which the order I gave would have been wrong.

I realized that any attempt [...]

Choosing the Right College

Prestige, reputation, cost, location are some of the reasons cited by students who have chosen a college to attend next fall. Choosing the right college can be a stressing process for some, but for others the choice is easy. “They gave me a full scholarship… how can I refuse that?” says Mario, a [...]

Top Tips for Choosing an American College or University

by David Zysblatt

1. Limit your search. There are over 2,000 institutions in the U.S., so limiting your search can give you a better chance of getting admitted. It will also save you a lot of time and confusion. Decide whether you want to study on the east coast or the west coast [...]