Teach English Abroad: Ten Tips When Seeking TEFL Jobs

Every year thousands of adventuresome souls leave their home country for six months or more to teach English abroad. Yet the search for TEFL jobs (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) has unique characteristics versus home-country employment searches that may be more familiar to you.

Following are 10 ideas and recommendations [...]

Consultancies Return to MBA Hiring

These days a top MBA is almost a prerequisite in order to reach senior or even mid-management levels at many of the major consulting firms. The leading strategy consultancies in particular have redoubled their recruiting efforts: McKinsey hired over five hundred MBAs in 2005 and this figure was set to rise in [...]

How to Get an Internship in the United States

by Denisse Romero

Internships are practical experiences that bridge the gap between the educational world and the real world allowing students to understand what is really like to work in the industry of their choice. International internships offer much more than the usual internship you would conduct in your country. These types [...]

Graduate Job Opportunities – Adventure, Work and Travel

by Alice Baines

Think gap years are just for school leavers and time wasters? Think again!

Over 30% of the volunteers sent away last year by ‘The Leap’, one of the UK’s leading Gap Year organizations, were over the age of twenty. Be it a year off before submitting to the [...]