American Universities in Europe

The American higher education system has many advantages – a flexible curriculum, a variety of courses, transfer choices, study abroad opportunities and more. But for some American and International students, the dream of studying in Europe is just as strong as their desire to obtain an American degree. Some students may wish to learn a foreign language and travel through Europe without compromising their university education. Others may wish to study in Europe, but have not mastered the language requirements to do so at a European university. And yet others may just want to stay home while obtaining an American degree. For many, the solution is to attend an American university in Europe. Here is a list of universities that follow the American higher education system. Most of these universities offer academic degrees and are accredited by US commissions and local country authorities.


Webster University Vienna


Boston University Brussels – Graduate Programs

Vesalius College


American University in Bulgaria


American Graduate School in Paris

American University in Paris

Georgia Institute of Technology Lorraine

Parsons School of Design, Paris

Schiller International University Paris

Schiller International University Strasbourg

Touro College France


Jacobs University Bremen

Schiller International University Germany

Touro College Berlin – The American College in Berlin


American College of Greece

American College of Thessaloniki

American University of Athens

Hellenic American University


McDaniel College Budapest


American College Dublin


American University of Rome

John Cabot University in Rome

Johns Hopkins University SAIS

St John’s University


Webster University in Leiden


Saint Louis University

Schiller International University Madrid

Suffolk University


American Graduate School of Business

Franklin College in Switzerland

International University in Geneva – Business School

Webster University in Geneva

The United Kingdom

American Intercontinental University

Hult International Business School

Regent’s American College London

Richmond, The American International University in London

Schiller International University London

Webster Graduate School London

If you would like to add an American university with a European campus to this list, please contact me at

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50 comments to American Universities in Europe

  • max g.

    Please tell how to locate some of The canadia universities or collages in europe.

  • Oubai NAHAS

    Hi I’m currently an Aub (American university in beirut) student and a Red Cross paramedic and mountain rescue volunteer, looking to transfer to an American university in Europe, looking to major in business(risk/insurance major), I would to know if the course is available, if yes I would like to know the requirements.

    Ps: I’m French, Syrian and Lebanese.


  • Christie Cadet

    Hi i am currently in college for radiology, but would like to switch out the major i’m in now for fashion merchandising (what i always dreamed of).. looking for one of the best fashion schools in Italy or London, any ideas. Please?

  • Robert


    I’m currently a student at Georgia Regents University located in Augusta, GA. However, I’m looking forward to move to Germany in the future. Also, I want to continue my education in Germany as well. Thus, I’ve done some research on the internet and I found University of Maryland University College which has several locations in Germany. Based on their website I got the impression that they only accept military members? I’m a civilian, and I have never been in the military service.

    Do they accept American civilians as well?

    • Denisse Romero

      Here is their statement on eligibility: “Members of the U.S. Armed Forces, American employees of the U.S. Government, and their family members residing within an overseas contracted site may enroll in undergraduate classes through University of Maryland University College Europe.” You may want to expand your search to Switzerland, Austria and Italy. Have you contacted the Study Abroad office at your school? Most of the time, they have agreements with universities in Europe where you can spend a semester or year abroad and earn college credits.

  • Anna

    I want to study photography in Spain but go to an American university inckuding college, what are my options?

  • Cathy


    We are moving to Germany from USA, got a nursing job at the US Military Hospital in Landstahl Germany. My son is a sophomore in University in USA and is very excited at the prospect of studying in Germany/Europe. We have been researching schools and found University of Maryland University College in Heidelberg Germany. Is this a reputable college? I don’t see it listed here, are there any other schools that offer degrees in Computer Science. It has to be a school where the medium of instruction is English. Would it be better for him to study in England? Otherwise I will have to find out a way of him staying back here and continuing his education.

    Thanks and Kind Regards,

    • Denisse Romero

      UMUC Europe admissions eligibility includes military members, American employees of the U.S. government and their family members. UMUC has a strong reputation in the military and government communities, so it is a very good option for your son. He will always have the option to transfer to a university in England or the US or go for a master’s degree in a different country.

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