MacQuil.com was created in 2001 to provide guidance to students from around the world who were interested in studying abroad and attending college in the USA. Years later MacQuil.com continues to provide helpful guidance and resources on global education opportunities and cultural travel with the mission to bring people together through learning experiences and cultural immersion.


Denisse I. Romero, MS, EdM.

Denisse has been involved in the world of international studies since 1994 when her family hosted an exchange student from Australia. In 1997, Denisse moved to the United States to attend college where she actively participated in international societies and met students from all corners of the world. Since then, Denisse has worked with international students and scholars at universities in different countries and in different departments ranging from international relations in Ecuador to graduate admissions in the United States. In 2005, Denisse joined an international organization in Washington, DC where she has worked in web technologies and communications. Currently, Denisse operates MacQuil.com and teaches foreign languages in the Washington, DC area. She holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of New Orleans, a Master of Science from The George Washington University, and a Master of Education (Ed.M.) from Harvard University.


Julie Quinonez

Having been born in Washington DC, but raised in two countries, Julie knows a thing or two about studying abroad. At the tender age of 10 Julie moved with her family to Ecuador where she attended an American school. She quickly learned Spanish and adapted to her new home where she had some of the greatest moments of her life. In 1997 Julie moved back to the USA to attend college in Virginia. Currently, Julie works for the US Federal Government and works as a bilingual assistant editor for MacQuil.com. Julie holds a Bachelor’s of Arts from Virginia Tech University.

Andres Romero

With years of technology experience in Ecuador and Chile, Andres is not only a tech expert, but also an expert on the excitement and challenges that come with living and working in different countries. In 2010, Andres decided to embark on a new challenge and attend a Master’s program in telecommunications engineering at George Mason University. Andres has acted as a technology consultant for MacQuil.com since its creation.

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